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Benefits of Membership

Membership in AFSA is extended to all Funeral Providers and Individuals licensed in the Province of Alberta. AFSA also invites membership from those who have been part of the funeral profession or are currently in a supportive role as Affiliate Members and to any suppliers to the funeral profession as an Associate Member.



New Firm Member

Individual Member

Associate Member 

Affiliate Member



Upon membership acceptance each firm will have access to online information. This Information will be available through the AFSA website with appropriate links to the most recent agreements, contracts, Acts and regulations as well as forms pertaining to our profession and businesses. This is a vital resource and is constantly being updated and revised to keep our members abreast of any and all changes that affect how we serve each of our families and, how we operate our individual businesses. 


AFSA and the elected volunteer executive are in regular contact with federal and provincial government officials and agencies, negotiating agreements between those agencies and service providers. These agreements were possible due to the history of trust and good faith on the part of past presidents, volunteers, and AFSA as a whole.


On a daily basis, AFSA staff received calls from families all across the province requesting funeral business referrals. The AFSA office receives over 1,000 calls annually from families seeking funeral homes in their area that would assist the caller in either arranging an 'at need' funeral service or 'pre-need' funeral. The AFSA office only provides the names of member funeral homes.


AFSA believes the public we serve draws a direct connection from an active membership in a professional association. Our business is one of professionalism, while serving families in an environment of honesty and integrity. The Better Business Bureaus of Alberta have requested AFSA be the first contact and referral for any calls they receive regarding funeral information and names of funeral homes.


Many times, AFSA acts as a buffer and from time to time a mediator between funeral service businesses, families, government agencies and even staff members, with the utmost confidentiality. It is never the intent of AFSA to govern how any person chooses to operate his/her business, however, the Association works together with the interested parties to attempt a mutual resolution to differences encountered.


The AFSRB is the governing body of the funeral service profession. AFSA acts as a liaison to the AFSRB. It is in the best interest of the Association and its members to forge a constructive, mutually supportive relationship with the Regulatory Board. The regulatory role of the Board does not preclude the two organizations from cooperating in areas of mutual interest. Examples of common interest include supporting ethical and professional conduct by funeral service providers, increasing awareness of fair business practices, and taking proactive steps to reduce consumer complaints.


Throughout the year AFSA provides opportunities for members to come together (i.e. Symposiums, Annual General Meetings, special meetings, Dealing With Grief, Calgary Conference and the annual graduation for students). This is an excellent opportunity for members to share and exchange ideas.


The Association's administrative structure allows for member input at the committee level and is constantly looking for input from members on various issues that affect the funeral profession. The majority of the Association work is done at the committee level, rather than the Board. Five members of the Board chair a committee consisting of members at large.


It is part of AFSA's mandate to provide members with the most current information pertinent to funeral service in Alberta. To this end AFSA offers annual opportunities for Continuing Education for AFSRB credit. 


AFSA maintains current links as well as information to access online of the necessary government forms, information sheets and booklets, for members only. The Association is in regular contact with the income security department, ensuring all of the documents are current. 


Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer host conferences in October.  These presentations are for professionals who interact with those who have experienced, are or will experience grief.  Internationally known speakers present either a one or two day format.  

DWG conferences have been underwritten by AFSA for 32 years in Calgary and in the last four years we have moved to Edmonton and Red Deer

In 1980 a Dealing With Grief (DWG) conference was initiated and sponsored by AFSA. 30 years later the vision of the first DWG committee that attempted to better inform those working with individuals, groups and families going through their grief journey has grown beyond expectation. Three separate committees from the cities of Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer host conferences.

DWG conferences reach to all layers of professionals, front-line workers and volunteers working with grief, bereavement and mourning.  To adequately serve our audiences it has been necessary to access certification for continuing education credits from professional associations in Alberta.  To date, we have been successful in receiving certification from The Canadian Counselling Association, The College of Social Work, and The Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board and in April 2010 we received notification that the College of Physicians and Surgeons would recognize Dealing With Grief Conferences, Alberta for continuing education credits for physicians.


AFSA is delighted to partner with Mount Royal University in 2010. It is the goal of the Calgary committee that this will be the beginning of a long and dynamic association.



www.afsa.ab.ca This website is maintained for the public, members, and the Executive Board. Links to all government forms, online registrations and request for supplies and information are included for members. Current and relevant information is posted in a timely manner.